Wk 11 – Turning Pages

Ephemeral events can be captured by video, a journal entry, blog post, or even in the form of a song. They do not have to be captured or summarized second by second, but certain aspects of it should be emphasized to know that that event was unique in some way. Although ephemeral experiences happen so fast and stay in the past, they can be documented in anyway that would be a reminder of it to each individual. Words and pictures can definitely capture an experience. Words and pictures show what the viewer or the person who was part of the experience saw at that very moment, their point of view.I believe that the style of the documentation does not matter at all. It would be boring if different individuals from the same experience had the same views, thoughts, and personal experience about it. It does not matter how blurry a picture is because in reality, that is exactly what a dancer saw at that very moment while dancing. Like I mentioned before, I believe an experience can be shared through song. The lyrics could be a summary of what happened. Their tone of voice the emotion that they felt while viewing or performing. The melodies could be the mood that their performance puts them in whenever they think back at the performance. I believe that if one is trying to document the moment throughout the duration of the whole experience, it does take away from the experience; however, if one is enjoying the moment and takes a second to take a picture, or write down a memo, it is definitely part of the experience.

My experience of not taking pictures at the library was relaxing. I was able to enjoy the moment and think about what we were doing. Taking pictures at the bookstore gave me a reason to be there. I felt like I was there to take pictures and not enjoy the reason why the whole class was there. This activity was different, but it made me think of how we document things and how it changes our state of mind.




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