Activity Feedback


1.Sketching in the Garden: I loved this activity because it allowed us to show our true creativity, how we see the world, and how we interpret it with out minds and hands. It was different from all the others because we were able to sit down and actually create something.

2.  Graffiti Writing: This activity was great because we had the opportunity to go to venice beach and for many of us, spray paint on a wall for the first time.

3. Cousin, Couture, or Coiffure: This was another activity that showed our creativity and how we create something.


Not So Favorites:

  1. Turning Pages: I did not really understand why we did this activity, and I believe many other people in our class felt the same way. It was an easy blog post to write about, but many of us didn’t really get much from it.
  2. Photowalk: Having class outside of the SOA area was great, but i feel it would’ve been more enjoyable if we had to sketch instead of take photos.
  3. Group Video: I simply did not like this activity because I do not like relying on other people to get a grade for a class. This may be a bad thing, but that is just how I feel.



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