Wk 15 – Artist Conversation -Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As The Crow Flies
Media: Ink / relief
Gallery: Dutzi Gallery
Website / Instagram: N/A

Nancy Young is about to graduate with a BFA in Printmaking. Her first try at college did not go as planned because of mental issues and drug use, but she followed her dreams and decided to attend CSULB once more. Since she has a job in database, she does not plan to make a living out of her artwork. Getting a degree from CSULB is just a personal accomplishment that she is proud of pursuing.

Most of her artwork is in black and white with little to no hint of color. She uses a lot of detail that is very small in size; however, this adds life and realism to her work. Most of her pieces are small in size with blank borders inside a black frame. Young let us pass around some of her reliefs. They felt rough and bumpy, as any carved relief would. Up close, the relief looked raw and organic because of its earthy colors and tones.

Young said that her art is inspired by her hardships, tragedies, and struggles in life. Some which include the death of her husband nine years ago, bipolar disorder, and her accomplishments at CSULB. Under every piece, there are coordinated which represents how far away the setting of those pieces are from CSULB.

Young’s exhibition was very inspiring. Even though she has been through a lot, she continues to follow her dreams and inspire other people. Young had the courage to walk us into her exhibition and not only tell us about herself, but also teach us a bit about her techniques, which many artist don’t do. I am sure she inspired us to keep going when life gets tough. I did not only enjoy Young as a person, but also her art work. They reflect her emotion and I was able to feel her sorrow and what she was trying to portray through her art.


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