Wk 14 – Sketching in the Garden – Japanese Garden


Scan 9

I arrived at the Japanese Garden a bit early, so I was able to draw and take photographs in peace without having too many people around. I sat down at the most secluded area of the garden, where all the trinkets and figures were exhibited, and I started to draw the first thing I saw. I decided to use a pen because my drawing would be darker, and maybe even neater. I also remembered that we were not allowed to use erasers. I freely drew and managed to fix any mistakes by adding more lines and sketching along old ones. I really enjoyed this activity because it served as a meditation for me. I do not remember the last time I sat down and drew something with concentration. It made me want to go places and draw what I see, even though I do not have much skill. The act alone of being in a quiet area while being concentrated on something beautiful makes me forget about all my worries.

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