EXTRA CREDIT – Geocache (x2)

On Saturday, April 21, my boyfriend and I drove to CSULB to search for geocaches. It was  a nice day and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show him the place where I spend most of my time at. I went on the class geocaching page before leaving to school and picked out random locations to search on apple maps. I found 4 coordinates that directed me to campus (not Turkey). I decided to search for at least 2 of 4. When we arrived on campus, (after taking advantage of our trip to csulb to recycle) we parked next to the parking structure because a couple geocaches were in there. We went searching for the first one and found nothing. I looked at the students website to see if we were in the correct place, and we were. The box was no where to be found. Here are some images of the exact location:

2016-04-23 16.37.442016-04-23 16.39.022016-04-23 16.39.09

I was really disappointed because every single geocache I’ve ever tried looking for was missing. We moved on and went to the next location. The coordinates took us to the middle of a parking lot. I then looked at the students website because there was no hiding places in the middle of the parking lot. Her website showed that her geocache was actually inside the parking structure. We inspected the images closely and found the location. I really hoped this would be it! I easily found the bottle that the student showed in her website. I was so excited! I forgot to take pictures of the log and the items that were inside, but here’s the bottle:


2016-04-23 17.51.052016-04-23 17.52.582016-04-23 17.53.05


Geocache credit:

Cassandra Topete: N 33.786 E 118.115

Catherine Chin : N 33 47.048′ W 118 07.096


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