wk 12 – Tiffany Le


Artist: Tiffany Le
Exhibition: Táu
Media: water color pencils, relief printing, charcoal, acrylic paint, LED candle lights, canvas, etc.
Gallery: Dutzi Gallery
Website: www.letealeaf.com
Instagram: letealeaf

Tiffany is in her last year in CSULB getting a MFA in Illustration. She was born and raised in Garden Grove, California. She is a mother to bunnies and enjoys hiking, Japanese fencing, and visiting art galleries. According to her parents, she has been doing art since she was three years old. After graduation, she plans on  freelancing, finding studio jobs, and  wants to continue personal projects that are related to her culture. In her art work, she focuses on the struggles her relatives endured while immigrating to the United States from Vietnam war many years ago. Her parents and relatives always mentioned their struggles to get where they are today, but they never elaborated on what their journey was like and how they got here today.

Her art pieces were each unique in their own way, while still sticking to the same theme of a journey of immigrants. Some of her paintings expressed intense emotional stress through the crashing of waves and the darkness in the sky. The way she displayed the objects her relatives carried with them with a blank backgrounds emphasized the fact that that was all they had with them at the time. The swirls in her paintings really showed a lot of emotion, especially the stress that comes with struggles.

Tiffany wanted to know about her family history. She knew her parents endured a tough journey to get to the united states, but did not know much about it. She decided to ask them about it and they expressed their trauma behind the Vietnam War. They escaped at night and began their journey on the ocean. They did not succeed on their first try, but they didn’t give up. They got lost, lost a few people on the way, got raided by pirates, but they made it. Tiffany wanted to bring individuality into a historical event that not only happened on Vietnam, but in the United States as well.

I truly enjoyed her artwork because it really did bring individuality into a narrative of immigration. Many of us at CSULB are children of immigrants, but our relatives all have different experiences. Some crazier than others, but nonetheless an experience. Tiffany brought to life the struggles that someone goes through when they really want to build a better life for themselves. She inspired me to reflect on what my parents had to go through to give me the life I have today. Having a father who escaped the Nicaraguan Revolution during the Cold War in Nicaragua, I can relate to the feelings that Tiffany felt when she heard about what her parents went through. Her artwork made me think of how I would exhibit the struggles my family endured.


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