1280px-Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_nascita_di_Venere_-_Google_Art_Project_-_editedIn the mysterious world of Moonbase Alpha, there is Salem. She is a happy, lively girl who despite her wonderful personality, brings darkness to Moonbase Alpha. Salem is part human, part alien, who is also related to the greek goddess Aphrodite. She has long purple locks of hair. She wears a modernized toga that resembles the one her great grandmother Aphrodite does. She is sweet and caring, with good intentions, but not everything goes as planned.

She is originally from a far away planet where all the olympians secretly live. She ended up on Moonbase after her and her best friend Xoe, who is a descendant of Pegasus, were flying around space  trying to find the perfect star to bring to the goddess Aphrodite. As they were flying across galaxies, Salem accidentally fell to what she thought would be her death; however, she landed on Moonbase Alpha.

On Moonbase Alpha, she saw creepy creatures that she had never seen before. Every one of them was different on every way possible. Some were very big, and others had no faces. She was afraid, but deep inside she knew this would be her new home. Something about moon base alpha intrigued her.

At home, she was a maiden to Aphrodite. She was in charge of making her look beautiful every single day. She picked flowers to put in the goddess’s hair. She made makeup out of flowers as well. Salem knew that her purpose was to bring out the wonderful, beautiful side of all these miserable looking creatures who were not meant to be at the Moonbase Alpha. She hoped she could make a difference in their lives. She decided to open her own salon. After a few weeks of it being open for business, she began to notice that her clients came back even more miserable. She wondered if she had anything to do with this. She then remembered that her skills were only meant for the goddess Aphrodite. She did not want to close her shop, so she continued to do what she does best. Her clients never realized why they were continuing to be miserable.

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