Artist Conversation – Luis Arias


Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibition: Welcome to the Weaving Machine

Media: Wood, Metal, Yarn, Fabric

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Luis Aria is an El Salvador native who is now living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about traveling, especially to europe. He says he doesn’t have a family of his own because he knows if he were to have kids, his traveling days would be over. Luis is currently and undergraduate who will be graduation this May. He is working on his BA in art education and woodwork. After graduating, he wished to move to europe, where his inspiration for his work stems from. Luis enjoys working with wood because he is able to create anything he desires to make.

Many of the furniture he made is very well organized and put together. They are simple, yet elegant. Most of his pieces are made of wood with woven components. His art can be used for show or as decoration in a home or outdoor patio. I noticed that the seat on some of his stools were woven. That reminded me a lot of the swinging chairs in my grandmother’s house, which are sturdy and comfortable like they were on Luis’s art. His art consists of light pastel colors that are very comforting.

Luis’s art emphasizes the idea that anything can be made with wood. One can be as creative as they want because wood is flexible. Many of the materials he uses are not hard to find, which expands on the idea that anything can be made with wood. Luis says he got his inspiration from woman because he wants to create admirable pieces that could be appreciated for its beauty.

I really enjoyed Luis’s art because as I said before, some of his pieces reminded me of my grandmothers furniture. It may be because he is from central america like my fathers side of the family is. It took me back to the times when I would visit central america, being home away from home.


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