Wk 6 – Photo Walk


This week I went on a photo walk around CSULB. My leader was Dorothy McMahon. My group and I went all over campus to take pictures of fountains, with or without water. We started with the fountain in front of the Macintosh building, which does not have water in it anymore. However, it was interesting to see the sculpture that is supposed to be surrounded by water. Then, we walked to the fountain by Brotman Hall. We were lucky enough to run into a few ducks that were playing in the water. After, we took a decently long walk to the Japanese Garden. I was looking forward to this because i’d never visited the garden before even though i’ve been at CSULB for 4 semesters! This was my favorite part of the whole photo walk. It was very peaceful and I enjoyed the koi fish. I didn’t think I would be so fascinated by the fish, because I have a big fish tank at home, but I did because of their size. I wish the guide would’ve interacted with her group members a bit more, but overall, the tour was fun!


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