Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Krystal Ramirez


IMG_0794dArtist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form Single

Media: Metals: Brass, Copper, Steel, Beehive, etc

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: Kreeestol

Krystal is a Huntington Beach native. She is an undergraduate student at CSULB transfer  studying 3D Media with an emphasis in metal. She did not like 3D Media at first, but after taking a jewelry class in high school, she fell in love with it. She stated that she likes using metal because it is easily manipulated and can be formed to any shape desired. She uses her background in drawing and painting to aid her in with her creativity and process of her works. Although she is not too sure what she wants to do after graduating, she mentioned that she may come back to study industrial design and would love to make kitchenware and furniture for companies. Some of her interests include thrifting and DIY’s.

Her art is not only beautiful, but it is also functional. For example, she created abstract shapes and made them into salt and pepper shakers. She also makes jewelry that I wouldn’t mind wearing! She told us about what inspired her to create the brass necklace shown above. She said that in class, she had to listen to a Brazilian song and create something from whatever feeling she got from it. She decided to draw dancing female figures that would be reflected in this necklace. She wanted them to interact with each other and be connected.

I really enjoyed Krystal’s captivating work because she explored many styles. Some were minimalistic, while others were abstract and creative.Although it did not seem like there was a message, or an emotion that she was trying to give to her viewers, it did seem like her work is meant to adorn.


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