Wk 5 – Art Experience – Couture

For this week’s art experience, I chose to get creative with an old shirt. I love trees and mountains, so I knew that I wanted to experiment with something of that nature. I went on Pintrest and searched for inspiration. I saw a post with a muscle tank with a tree cut in the back of it. It inspired me to create my own version. First, I got a pretty large dinner plate to use as a stencil for the circle that would serve as a shape to draw the tree in.  After drawing the large circle, I drew a tree. This part was tricky because I didn’t want the branches to be too thick or too thin. I then drew X’s on all the spaces where I would be cutting. I also drew an outline where I would cut the sleeves off to make a halter sort of design. Cutting in between the small spaces of the branches was the hardest part of this whole project. I actually cut off a branch by accident, but I tried to pin it back together. When I was finished, I tried on the shirt, but it was too big, so I had to tie it from the front. I made a few mistakes, but they can easily be fixed with a needle and thread. I really enjoyed this art experience because I can use this for the summer, which is around the corner!


Plate as a stencil
Circle drawn in the center of the backside of the shirt
Plate as a stencil
Plate as a stencil


Plate as a stencil
Plate as a stencil
Plate as a stencil
after pt 2

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