Wk 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti writing


This week’s experience was a first for me. I was excited to finally get to use spray paint and “tag” a wall. My boyfriend and I shopped around for a color that would best fit my name and personality. We walked along the beachfront for a little until we made it to the Venice Beach Art Walls. When we finally got to the art walls we looked for a spot that didn’t have anything unique on it so we could claim the space. We found the side of the spray paint can recycle dumpster that had scattered, blurry lines of paint on it. We then quickly brainstormed a design and tried to refine the lines after finding out the colors we chose were a bit too light. It came out great though, and we had fun. Too bad it didn’t last too long since some people started painting over it as we were walking away…


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