Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Josh Vasquez

Artist: Joshua Vasquez
Exhibition: Vida / Morte
Media: trash bags, sharpie markers, spray paint, discarded flowers, red rosin paper
Gallery: Gatov West
Website: Joshvasquez.com
Instagram: @joshybehr

Joshua Vasquez is a downtown Los Angeles native involved in the drawing and painting program in the school of art at CSULB. He began painting and drawing at a young age. In his art, Josh uses simple materials that prove his talent. Josh stated that he uses his art as a tool of meditation. When he is making his art, he is frustrated, but isn’t focusing on his frustrations. When asked what message he was trying to send to the world with his art, he stated that it is up to each individual to perceive it in their own way.

Most of his paintings were black and white. There were abstract figures around a solid ones. Most of them were dark, which made his idea of life and death apparent. He stated that he wanted to bring to unlike things, life and death, into his art. For example, in “La Flor Muerte,” beautiful dead flowers were laid on red rosin paper, which symbolized the life of the flower, but also their death. A beautiful piece. He depicts life in his art as flowers. Even if it is not obvious, he uses shapes that, in his mind, are flowers. In “Rosado,” a big circle with smaller ones inside just look like plain circles, but to him, they are roses. This helps us explore what is going on in his mind.

I personally enjoyed the exhibit a lot! I’m always attracted to dark, but beautiful artwork. I like to see abstract figures that make me think and wonder about what the artist was going through, or what they mean to them. Josh’s exhibit showed a lot of darkness that focused more on death. “La Flor Muerte” was an eye opener to how life really is. We will all become lifeless one day, but our bodies will remain just like those flowers.



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